BOXX vs iMac

BOXX vs. iMac

I’d like to open this post by thanking BOXX Technologies for providing such a “sweet” workstation 3DBOXX 4150 XTREME for some tests. One of the first tests that I had in mind was to make comparison – PC vs. Apple.

I know that to be faire we must test the same “ingredients” – head to head – however even though the newer processors of BOXX should be faster – they just can’t be as fast as you are about to discover!

The most unique part about iMac, is that all hardware is sitting on the motherboard, with no wires, and that can really speedup the rendering. As conclusion, iMac that works faster than most PRO computers – should give pretty good  ”fight” against BOXX.

So, here it is, the BOXX vs. iMac rendering test:

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Just in case you were wondering what are the rendering settings for that “2 million polygons scene” that I’ve used.

Here they are:

The parameters in read are those that you should pay attention while testing them on your computer.

More cool stuff coming out soon, so stay tuned!

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