This house located in Las Vegas and had open doors during IBS convention. We went to check it out, simply because -this technology will become “The NEW American Standard” in the US.

Completely “GREEN” and environment friendly – 90% of the house functioning on the solar system and natural gas.

- You can charge your electric car and get to drive it completely for FREE! (such as chevy “Volt”) Or “Heavy Duty” Chevy Silverado – that is functioning on gas.

- All the walls and the floor can have different temperature, adjustable with touch screen control on every wall in this house.

- Since there’s water in this house, the air conditioner uses special anti-bacteria filtering system in order to circulate fresh air around the house.

And of course “SUPER CLEAN DESIGN” – which was absolutely amazing ingrates all the new functions and features of this 100% digitally operational home.

More details about this house can be found in the official NAHB website.

Thanks a lot for checking this out – the price of this house close to $7 Million US Dollars.
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