Photoshop Training Samples

Photoshop Training Samples

This is how users get direct help from me – post your work and get detailed feedback on what you can improve.
That way I’ve been helping people all over the world – without flying to their home country – thanks to the internet, online training is the most effective way to connect to the PRO’s world wide.

Doing high quality 3D involves wide range of knowledge:
1. You need to be architect – so that you will not do something that will collapses.
2. You must be a good designer – that way you will know what colors to combine in order to have harmony and balance.
3. You probably should be a good photographer as well – so that you could setup you camera and choose perfect angle to show your 3D creation at it’s BEST.

In addition you probably need to know physics of lighting behavior, interaction of materials inside different environments – in other words – you got to know how this world is functioning.

I know that this stuff comes only with experience and years of learning that profession that we call 3D Artist.
Unfortunately there is no place on earth (yet) that can teach you all those aspects in once class – however there is good instructors that can work with you – so that you will become better!

Here’s one of those places where you can catch up with your progress and move faster to the PRO level.

AND here’s some FREE samples that you can learn from – but don’t fool yourself by thinking that this is the way to GO! The only reason that those students could make good works is because they had someone to instruct them – Same goes to everything in this world, any great kung fu master had a great kung fu master to learn from.

Photoshop Training Sample

Photoshop Training Sample

Just make sure that those you learn from is worth your time investment – I went through this when I was young, and thank God, I had really good teachers along my way – that’s why I can deliver high quality content to the next generations.

Make the right choice in selecting your teacher – because only the right teacher can save you time = money and years of experience!

The best investment in your future is your professional education – you will realize that only after you become the NEXT BIG THING!

I wish you best of learning experience!

Post your comment below and share those samples with your friends.

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